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This is a terrific piece of software, and a great value! It can take large lists of securities, and quickly give an opinion. These then are good candidates for further analysis. I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the ASTSS software. I subscribed for another six months. I am finding that the candidates that the software identifies are confirmed by other trading software as well as market action. Thank you for making it available.


Henry, Thanks so much for the VERY FAST response and answers to my Questions. Although I have only had ASTSS a few days I really love it. My biggest problem in my trading has been going out of a stock too soon when I have a small move against the direction of my trade. If I follow the indicators in ASTSS it will make a HUGE difference for the better in my profits. I looked back on many of my closed trades and if I would have acted on the ASTSS signals for those trades I would be a whole lot better off profit wise today. I'm really looking forward to using this with my next trades. Thanks.


I just opened up your latest Beta version which you so kindly provided me with and I cannot praise your efforts enough. The new updates are outstanding. The innovative FIB calculator will be a tremendous asset. The momentum oscillators, indicators, money flow, etc., including the DMI/ADX now provides numerous analytical choices. Adding features such as of the Parabolic Zar and Bollinger Bands overlays has made the charting segment complete and a real pleasure to work with. Lastly, I do want to mention the improved triangles which now provides additional information at a glance on pending trend changes for either long or swing traders. Well done on all counts.


I'm really enjoying the simplicity of your program. By the way I just renewed my service. Thank you for a terrific service.


Hi Henry, I've been testing all night. ASTSS has been running for 24hrs at home...working perfect. I even changed all sorts of indicators except Williams %R and it is working beautifully. Your software is a work of art. Thank you for being willing to fix the Williams %R, as it is a major indicator for me, but I can work with it just fine the way it is, till you do...and I am very happy. Thanks again. I will be a lifetime customer. ASTSS gives me unparalled confidence in my own indicator setups now too. I am extremely grateful for your fine service and that you created this product and... that you offer it at a very affordable price.


Thank you for the rapid response in regards to not being able to load forex charts. The simple software upgrade was all that was needed. I'd like to say also that I think your software is excellent. After paper trading for 3 months I decided it was time to put a position on based on the technical indicators given in the software and boy did it worked out. I know you don't advertise shorting stocks however I found given the market condition and researching the history of certain stocks within your software program I shorted DTG on January 20, 2010 and covered my position on January 22, 2010 for a net total of $1001.76 to me. I have tried other programs for 10 times more money and yours is by far the simplest to use and the most accurate. I will reccomend this software to anyone. You may use this as a testimonial if you wish because I am so very pleased. Thanks again!!!!!!


Thank you very much - I really like what I see here! I am an options investor and I look for 5% price moves as a target for each of my trades (calls/puts). Your system appears to work quite well for my kind of short term trading - especially if I go in on the solid yellow triangles versus waiting for another confirmation.


I have been learning the ASTSS software this past week. I am trying to learn to be a trend trader. I found your software via a web search. It appears to do a very good job of identifying trends. I have tested it on the S&P for each of the peaks and troughs over the past 10 years and it has done extremely well based on my indicator settings as confirmation to the systems signals. I use PPO, Full Stochastic, Chaikin, and CMF. Your manual is very well laid out and easy to understand.


Henry, Thank you... I love your software... I don't know what I would do withou it !!! I am convinced the only way to survive in the market is with the help of a system like yours !!!


Amazing..... A great Tool! Your software will be the best trading platform if we could trade right from your site.


Henry, Thanks for the timely reply, after I replaced some symbols in a default page with OTC.BB symbols, I was able to update and view the added stocks, charts and data. At this time I'm very happy with the results.


Yes. I have downloaded and installed ASTSS beta version Much, Much better. Easier to type in the data and very good idea to include company name too, very useful. Thank you!


WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!!!!!! You are the greatest!!! Everyone needs to purchase your software!!!


Henry, Thanks a lot for your patience and detailed step by step instructions that made it possible for me to get thru the PayPal process and renew. I want to tell you that your service/charts are a HUGE help in making my buy, sell timings. Your charts ROCK!!!! (and make me money ) Thanks again


I sincerely love using your program and it's scary how accurate it is when back testing. Cheers


Henry, I renewed my subscription for one year, I'm very please to-date with your product. Today I have canceled my other 3 charting packages and their subscription services where were costing me well over 100.00 a month, this is a very good deal. Keep up the good work.


I'll tell ya, I've been doing some back testing with your software and wow! Unbelievable! Very, very good. I might just stay at home and do intra-week trading after seeing the results.

M Ramu

Hi Henry, I am very much happy to use ASTSS because the response of your support is great. As trader of india stock market I rank your software the highest.


Just a quick note to let you know that your software is amazing. I have compared it to others (some costing over $1,000) and yours still comes out on top. You have a new permanant subscriber.


Thank you. Everything works and I am very impressed with the improvements in the software and your timely response to my question. I had used an earlier version of ASTSS and it was OK, but had limitations. I did not renew and tried a different software program that was very expensive and diffficult to learn and use. I was surfing around and just happened to check your web site and decided to check the new software out. I am glad I did. Keep up the good work.


Dear Henry, Thank you for adding MACD and Money Flow! This is the best version so far, I can now recommend your program to many others. KEEP UP THE GOOD UPDATES, I LOVE IT. VERY NICE WORK. I will aways renew my license with GOOD JOB!!!

Just to let you know I do not sell any stocks until I get a sell signal from your program to do so. This have saved me from getting out of many stock too soon. Your program is part of my personal trading system and is working very very well. It has taken me over 1 1/2 year to come up with a trading system that works for me and I am correct about 70% of the time and make some very good returns on my trades.

As you can see Money Flow together with MACD are very very powerful to help make a decision when to buy. This is because many times we get buy signals with your software but unless there is good volume and good Money Flow the stock is not worth buying because it will not move in the right direction even if the buy signal is perfect. (Most beginner traders people do not know this).

Your software has now become very useful and I have already found two stocks that I have added to my watch list because of the new indicators! I was not able to do this in the past. This version is a major improvement for those that understand how to use Technical indicators. Again, I will be recommending your program to many others.


I have downloaded your trial version and it did not take any time at all to substantiate the myriad of innovative features that you offer. I subscribe to one of the popular charting programs, for stock and option plotting purposes, but I must say the time savings of your stock listing systems is very impressive, not with standing the added advantage of your 4T strategy for quick reference.


Gentlemen: Thank you for your terrific software. I am very impressed and I will be upgrading from my trial version soon.


Henry, Just want to say I'm really impressed with ASTSS. I have seen a lot of stock trading programs but yours is the best. Simple and very easy to use.


Thanks Henry, I have found the download and have started using it. Thanks for all the great work that you are doing. I still love your software. It has been very helpful.


Hi Henry, Thanks so lot. I can tell you that your software is amazing. I trade since 2 years ago and with your engine my trade is better and better! In fact I created a lot of signal in the past and you scan is really efficient. Since the beginning I trade around 10 stock and I lost nothing.... As you know the long time is the key of the result (as the money management). Good success for your team!


Henry, It is working. Whatever, this is the GREATEST SOFTWARE I HAVE EVER SEEN. I tried POWER INVESTOR. YOURS is the BEST. Thanks.


Hi Henry, Thank you so much for the ASX fix. Fabulous work. I really like the other changes you've made as well. Sorting the symbols is a great innovation and makes looking for new buys and sells much easier and now I can scroll sideways I get more info. Once my month is up I will subscribe long term.


Love your charts and program!! What I really like is the Trend indicator!! Would like to know how long my membership is? I renewed it but I am not sure how many months I have left?? Please e-mail me and let me know! Thank You most kindly.


I'm your Italian customer and I'm using your powerful software this month for the first time. I'm really satisfied and I'm going to renew the licence for the next.


Thanks for the help, Henry. I appreciate it, and the program is great. I'm so glad I found it. Wish I would have found it sooner, but at least I found it now. Take care.


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